Guangzhou Places: Density Series

Kirill de Lancastre Jedenov (Artist), Devon Ward (Artist), Filipe Afonso (Artist)

Research output: Non-traditional research outputRecorded/rendered creative workpeer-review


Colloquially, Guangzhou is known as the ‘Factory of China’,
and, in many respects, it may be one of the great factories of the world. Located in the Guangdong Province in Southern China, Guangzhou is an exemplar of twenty-first century metropolis. It is home to over 14 million residents and is in a state of extreme growth. Old farmlands encircling the city are incentivised, through government subsidies, to build apartment complexes that can accommodate the rapid growth as the city develops. The city is home to migrant population—from the rural areas of China that is larger than the entire population of Perth. The middle class
in Guangzhou is outpacing the growth of middle classes in Australia and the US. Factories, shipping ports, apartment blocks, malls, and urban farms are mixed in a tightly knit tapestry across the city. ‘Guangzhou Places’ is a series of short videos that present viewers with a glimpse of urbanisation that is akin to app development. Guangzhou is a ‘beta city’, an environment
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationAustralia
PublisherAustralian Institute of Architects
Media of outputFilm
Size4 minutes 52 seconds
Publication statusPublished - 15 Nov 2019
EventUrban Screening - Perth State Library, Perth, Australia
Duration: 15 Nov 201915 Dec 2019


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