Giftedness and Philosophy

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The question addressed in this paper is whether the academic research on giftedness, and the proliferating models of giftedness to which it gives rise, produce a philosophically satisfactory account of giftedness. This area of inquiry has been chosen for several reasons. First, the writer has a personal interest in the subject, having two very bright children, one of whom was formally identified as gifted several years ago, and who is currently in the West Australian state-school gifted program (PEAC). Second, he has a professional interest as a preservice primary teacher anticipating being in charge of a class of children of varying interests and aptitudes. Third, as a philosopher with a particular interest in the philosophy of mind, he has a compelling inclination to understand the expression of human mental potential, and its elucidation through education. He is also a committee member of the WA Association for Philosophy in Schools (APIS), and has taught philosophy in primary schools, including an elective during his first-year teaching practicum.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages46
Publication statusPublished - 2010


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