Field theories with (2,0) AdS supersymmetry in N=1 AdS superspace

Jessica Hutomo, Sergei M. Kuzenko

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In three dimensions, it is known that field theories possessing extended (p, q) anti-de Sitter (AdS) supersymmetry with N = p + q >= 3 can he realized in (2,0) AdS superspace. Here we present a formalism to reduce every field theory with (2,0) AdS supersymmetry to N = 1 AdS superspace. As nontrivial examples, we consider supersymmetric nonlinear sigma models formulated in terms of 1sf = 2 chiral and linear supermultiplets. The (2, 0) -> (1, 0) AdS reduction technique is then applied to the off-shell massless higher-spin supermultiplets in (2,0) AdS superspace constructed in (11. As a result, for each superspin value integer ((s) over cap s) or half-integer ((s) over cap = s+1/2) with s = 1, 2.., we obtain two off-shell formulations for a (s) over cap massless N = 1 superspin4 multiplet in AdS(3). These models prove to be related to each other by a superfield Legendre transformation in the flat superspace limit, but the duality is not lifted to the AdS case. Two out of the four series of Ar = 1 supersymmetric higher-spin models thus derived are new. The constructed massless Ar = 1 supersymmetric higher-spin actions in AdS(3) are used to formulate (i) higher spin supercurrent multiplets in N = 1 AdS superspace, and (ii) new topologically massive higher-spin off shell supermultiplets. Examples of N= 1 higher-spin supercurrents are given for models of a complex scalar supermultiplet. We also present two new off-shell formulations for a massive N = 1 gravitino supermultiplet in AdS(3).

Original languageEnglish
Article number045010
Number of pages29
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 12 Aug 2019


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