Feasibility of unsedated lung MRI in young children with cystic fibrosis

the SCILD Study group, C. Corin Willers, Bettina S. Frauchiger, Enno Stranzinger, Grzegorz Bauman, Alexander Moeller, Andreas Jung, Andreas Hector, Nicolas Regamey, Maura Zanolari, Dominik Mueller-Suter, Alena Lioba Kuhn, Sylvain Blanchon, Isabelle Rochat, Philipp Latzin, Kathryn A. Ramsey

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

3 Citations (Scopus)
Original languageEnglish
Article number2103112
JournalEuropean Respiratory Journal
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2022

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