Factors Influencing Public Transport Patronage Trends Perth 2015 to 2019

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The overarching aim of the study is to provide evidence to ensure that the public transport network for Perth remains relevant, fit for purpose and functional. In brief, this study seeks to address the following objective:
Develop models of Public Transport patronage that can explain ridership based on social or economic trends subject to land-use and accessibility policies and infrastructure decisions by producing a comprehensive understanding of factors that have contributed significantly to reductions in public transport patronage in Perth over the last decade, with specific reference to both bus and train patronage.
The study first examined factors influencing public transport patronage trends in Perth over the period 2009 to 2019 (Draft Report, 20 May 2020, Milestone 2.1). This report presents the findings of the second part of the research, examining the last five-year period in more detail. The purpose of this second stage of the research project is to assess the spatial differences in public transport patronage shifts in Perth between Jan 2015 and August 2019.
Based on an analysis of socio-economic and demographic trends in combination with network conditions, this report provides evidence on the factors associated with changes in public transport ridership in terms of spatial variation and variation across different user profiles. This spatial analysis study includes a modelling (regression) section and a section on forecasting for: (1) simplified fare structure and (2) re-distributing bus service km from ‘under-performing’ areas in relation to journeys/service km to areas of new transport developments (METRONET projects).
The report includes complementary studies of demand trends at the: (1) customer level and for (2) identified transport hubs within the network. As with the stage 1 report, the methods and results for each study are each presented in their entirety (spatial analysis study in sections 2 and 3; demand trend study in sections 4 and 5) with a remark on the summary findings offered in the conclusion (section 6).
Original languageEnglish
TypeFactors Influencing Public Transport Patronage Trends Perth 2015 to 2019
Media of outputOnline
PublisherPlanning and Transport Research Centre, University of Western Australia
Number of pages79
Place of PublicationAustralia
Publication statusPublished - 20 Nov 2020


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