Exploration of non-coding RNA expression in developing and dystrophic skeletal muscle

Lauren Claire Butchart

    Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis

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    Post-natal growth of skeletal muscle is a dynamic and complex phase of development. Due to their relative novelty, the expression of regulatory non-coding RNAs during this stage ls undefined.

    This thesis investigated ncRNA expression during normal post-natal growth of murine skeletal muscle, and in the mdx mouse model for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. These in vivo data were compared to in vitro expression of ncRNAs in cultured muscle cells, and the effect of taurine treatment on ncRNA expression was analysed .

    These studies indicate ncRNAs are useful readouts of skeletal muscle growth kinetics, and as biomarkers of mdx disease progression and taurine treatment efficacy.
    Original languageEnglish
    QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
    Awarding Institution
    • The University of Western Australia
    • Grounds, Miranda, Supervisor
    • Terrill, Jessica, Supervisor
    • White, Robert, Supervisor
    • Shavlakadze, Tea, Supervisor
    Award date30 Nov 2017
    Publication statusUnpublished - 2017


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