Experiences, post-trip destination image, satisfaction and loyalty: A study in an ecotourism context

Ting (Tina) Li, Fang Liu, Geoffrey N. Soutar

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Few empirical studies have examined how post-trip destination image is shaped by tourists’ experiences. Although previous studies examined the relationships between experience, image, satisfaction and behavior, these are not fully understood, especially in ecotourism contexts, in which managing destination image can be more challenging. Consequently, an Experience-Image-Satisfaction-Loyalty framework is suggested and examined in an ecotourism context. The present study used multidimensional experience and image constructs and added ecotourism loyalty to the model, extending the previous research. The data used were collected from 375 outbound Chinese tourists on bus tours immediately after visits to a well-known Western Australian ecotourism site. Using PLS-based structural equation modeling (SEM) technique, results show that acting, fun learning, and emotional experiences had an influence on both attribute-based and holistic destination image. In addition, tourism experience had an indirect effect on loyalty (including destination loyalty and ecotourism loyalty) via the mediating effects of destination image and satisfaction. The results suggested some practical implications for ecotourism destination operators designing experiences for visitors as well as for governments and non-profit organizations attempting to promote ecotourism.

Original languageEnglish
Article number100547
JournalJournal of Destination Marketing and Management
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2021


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