Elevation of the ACTH/cortisol ratio in female opioid dependent patients: A biomarker of aging and correlate of metabolic and immune activation

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    © 2016 Neuroendocrinology Letters.BACKGROUND: Whilst the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) Axis is a major stress axis, and is necessarily perturbed in opioid dependency, and stress is a major contributor to aging mechanisms, the HPA axis has not been studied in opioid dependency in an age-dependent manner. OBJECTIVE: Hypothesis - Differences in age dependent levels of HPA components. DESIGN: Cross-sectional comparison of general medical and opioid dependent patients (ODP, GMP). Setting - Primary Care. Patients - 51 GMC, 233 ODP. Ages 37.92+1.95 v. 37.12+0.62 years (P - N.S.) and 33.33% v. 71.67% male (p
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