Early decompression following cervical spinal cord injury: Examining the process of care from accident scene to surgery

C.R. Battistuzzo, Alex Armstrong, J. Clark, L. Worley, L. Sharwood, P. Lin, G. Rooke, P. Skeers, Sherilyn Nolan, T. Geraghty, A. Nunn, D.J. Brown, S. Hill, J. Alexander, M. Millard, S.F. Cox, S. Rao, A. Watts, L. Goods, G.T. AllisonJ. Agostinello, P.A. Cameron, I. Mosley, S.M. Liew, T. Geddes, J. Middleton, J. Buchanan, J.V. Rosenfeld, S. Bernard, S. Atresh, A. Patel, R. Schouten, B.J.C. Freeman, Sarah Dunlop, P.E. Batchelor

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