DK-RIM: Assisting Integrated Management of Lolium multiflorum, Italian Ryegrass

Mette Sønderskov, Gayle J. Somerville, Myrtille Lacoste, Jens Erik Jensen, Niels Holst

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Lolium multiflorum (annual Italian ryegrass) and other grass weeds are an increasing problem in cereal cropping systems in Denmark. Grass weeds are highly competitive and an increasing number of species develop resistance against the most commonly used herbicide modes of action. A diverse management strategy provides a better overall control of grass weeds and decreases the reliance on herbicides. The bio-economic decision support system, DK-RIM (Denmark-Ryegrass Integrated Management), was developed to assist integrated management of L. multiflorum in Danish cropping systems, based on the Australian RIM model. DK-RIM provides long-term estimations (10-year period) and visual outputs of L. multiflorum population development, depending on management strategies. The dynamics of L. multiflorum plants within the season and of the soil seed bank across seasons are simulated. The user can combine cultural weed control practices with chemical control options. Cultural practices include crop rotation changes, seeding density, sowing time, soil tillage system, and cover crops. Scenarios with increasing crop rotation diversity or different tillage strategies were evaluated. DK-RIM aims at being an actual support system, aiding the farmer’s decisions and encouraging discussions among stakeholders on alternative management strategies.

Original languageEnglish
Article number856
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2020


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