Cyrtobill darwini, a new species in a new orb-weaving spider genus from Australia (Araneae: Araneidae: Cyrtophorinae)

Volker Framenau, N. Scharff

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    A new monotypic genus of orb-weaving spider (Araneidae)with Cyrtobill darwini as type species is described from Australia. A reducedpiriform spinning field of the anterior lateral spinnerets and the constructionof a horizontal, dome-shaped orb-web suggest a placement of Cyrtobill in thearaneid subfamily Cyrtophorinae Simon, 1895. However, the morphologyof the male pedipalp is unique within the Araneidae as the cymbium has abasal, semicircular, sclerotised rim that creates a cymbial concavity. Cyrtobilldarwini are small spiders of less than 5 mm body length and occur mainlyin arid habitats such as spinifex grassland in the northern half of Australia(mainly north of 30°S latitude). Adult spiders have been found all yearround; however, the species seems to be predominantly winter mature. Wepropose new generic combinations within the Australasian Cyrtophorinae:Cyrtophora crassipes (Rainbow, 1897), comb. nov.; Cyrtophora rainbowi (Roewer,1955), comb. nov.; Cyrtophora trigona (L. Koch, 1871), comb. nov. (all originallydescribed from Australia); and Cyrtophora gazellae (Karsch, 1878), comb. nov.(described from Papua New Guinea). In addition, we provide an updatedspecies list for Australian Cyrtophora Simon, 1864.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)315-328
    JournalRecords of the Western Australian Museum
    Publication statusPublished - 2009


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