Clathrates of Dianin's compound and nitrogen containing non-aromatic side arm metallocenes

Jackson Jon Lee

Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis

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Chapter 1 gives an introduction to crystal engineering, host-guest chemistry and inclusion complexes. This leads to an introduction to Dianin’s compound, which is the chemical of interest in this chapter. Then, the chapter describes the synthesis of many inclusion complexes of Dianin’s compound with various guests; it describes their general properties and then details the properties of each individual complex. The more interesting clathrates are described in detail. Some conclusions of the nature of Dianin’s compound and host-guest chemistry in general are made.

Chapter 2 begins with an introduction to cyclopentadiene ligands and, in particular, cyclopentadiene ligands with heterocyclic amine functionalised side arms. This leads to an introduction to the general methodologies concerning their syntheses. Details of the development of the synthetic methodologies are given, from which a highly efficient method for the synthesis of two new ligands is formulated. Lastly, a discussion of the characterisation of the new ligands and some properties are given.

Chapter 3 has an introduction concerning the methodologies for synthesising metal complexes from cyclopentadiene ligands. The chapter then details attempts to synthesise metal complexes from the novel ligands described in chapter 2. Iron complexes were investigated to a large extent because ferrocene compounds are the archetypical metallocene complex, titanocene dichloride complexes were investigated because it was hoped that they would have anticancer or catalytic properties and other metals were investigated for the sake of completeness. Many different synthetic methodologies were employed and some metal complexes were generated. Lastly, a discussion of their properties is included.

Original languageEnglish
QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
Publication statusUnpublished - 2015


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