Bryophytes of Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, Western Australia

R Wyatt, A Stoneburner, Stephen Hopper

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Context. Although the vascular flora of Western Australia is renowned for high species diversity and endemism, very little is known about the state’s moss and liverwort flora. Aims. In 1984 we conducted surveys of bryophytes in Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve. Methods. We searched comprehensively for bryophytes at seven major habitats on the Reserve, collecting voucher specimens subsequently identified with modern literature and with the help of Australian bryophyte experts. We updated the text to reflect modern taxonomy and considering modern literature on phytogeography and hypotheses associated with OCBIL (Old, Climatically Buffered, Infertile Landscapes) theory. Key results. A total of 38 species of mosses representing 25 genera from 13 families were identified along with 10 species of liverworts representing nine genera and six families. Two moss species (Distichium inclinatum and Tortella dakinii) were previously unknown from Western Australia. Another represented a new species (Pleurophascum occidentale) in a heretofore monotypic genus, family, and order. The Pottiaceae, with 11 species, was the most diverse family of mosses. The Lepidoziaceae, with three species, was the most diverse family of liverworts. Conclusions. Lower levels of endemism in bryophytes versus vascular plants may reflect the bryophytes’ capacity for wide and long-distance dispersal of spores and fragments. Bryophyte diversity and endemism may be less than on extensive OCBILs because much of the Reserve emerged from the ocean as recently as the mid-Pleistocene. Implications. This, the first listing published of bryophytes on a Reserve in WA, indicates the potential rewards for further survey of mosses and liverworts.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberPC24020
JournalPacific Conservation Biology
Issue number3
Early online date29 Apr 2024
Publication statusPublished - 29 Apr 2024


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