Biomarkers for diabetic retinopathy - Could endothelin 2 be part of the answer?

N. Binz, Elizabeth P. Rakoczy, Ireni S. Ali Rahman, Nermina N. Vagaja, Chooi-May Lai

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Purpose: The endothelins are a family of three highly conserved and homologous vasoactive peptides that are expressed across all organ systems. Endothelin (Edn) dysregulation has been implicated in a number of pathophysiologies, including diabetes and diabetes-related complications. Here we examined Edn2 and endothelin receptor B (Endrb) expression in retinae of diabetic mouse models and measured serum Edn2 to assess its biomarker potential. Materials and Methods: Edn2 and Ednrb mRNA and Edn2 protein expression were assessed in young (8wk) and mature (24wk) C57Bl/6 (wild type; wt), Kimba (model of retinal neovascularisation, RNV), Akita (Type 1 diabetes; T1D) and Akimba mice (T1D plus RNV) by qRT-PCR and immunohistochemistry. Edn2 protein concentration in serum was measured using ELISA. Results: Fold-changes in Edn2 and Ednrb mRNA were seen only in young Kimba (Edn2: 5.3; Ednrb: 6.0) and young Akimba (Edn2: 7.9, Ednrb: 8.8) and in mature Kimba (Edn2:9.2, Ednrb:11.2) and mature Akimba (Edn2:14.0, Ednrb:17.5) mice. Co-localisation of Edn2 with Müller-cell-specific glutamine synthetase demonstrated Müller cells and photoreceptors as the major cell types for Edn2 expression in all animal models. Edn2 serum concentrations in young Kimba, Akita and Akimba mice were not elevated compared to wt. However, in mature mice, Edn2 serum concentration was increased in Akimba (6.9pg/mg total serum protein) compared to wt, Kimba and Akita mice (3.9, 4.6, and 3.8pg/mg total serum protein, respectively; p
Original languageEnglish
Article numbere0160442
Pages (from-to)1-16
JournalPLoS One
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2016


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