Biogenesis of protein bodies during legumin accumulation in developing olive (Olea europaea L.) seed

Jose Jimenez-Lopez, A. Zienkiewicz, K. Zienkiewicz, J.D. Alché, M.I. Rodríguez-García

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© 2015, Springer-Verlag Wien. Much of our current knowledge about seed development and differentiation regarding reserves synthesis and accumulation come from monocot (cereals) plants. Studies in dicotyledonous seeds differentiation are limited to a few species and in oleaginous species are even scarcer despite their agronomic and economic importance. We examined the changes accompanying the differentiation of olive endosperm and cotyledon with a focus on protein bodies (PBs) biogenesis during legumin protein synthesis and accumulation, with the aim of getting insights and a better understanding of the PBs’ formation process. Cotyledon and endosperm undergo differentiation during seed development, where an asynchronous time-course of protein synthesis, accumulation, and differential PB formation patterns was found in both tissues. At the end of seed maturation, a broad population of PBs, particularly in cotyledon cells, was distinguishable in terms of number per cell and morphometric and cytochemical features. Olive seed development is a tissue-dependent process characterized by differential rates of legumin accumulation and PB formation in the main tissues integrating seed. One of the main features of the impressive differentiation process is the specific formation of a broad group of PBs, particularly in cotyledon cells, which might depend on selective accumulation and packaging of proteins and specific polypeptides into PBs. The nature and availability of the major components detected in the PBs of olive seed are key parameters in order to consider the potential use of this material as a suitable source of carbon and nitrogen for animal or even human use.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)517-530
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2016


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Jimenez-Lopez, J., Zienkiewicz, A., Zienkiewicz, K., Alché, J. D., & Rodríguez-García, M. I. (2016). Biogenesis of protein bodies during legumin accumulation in developing olive (Olea europaea L.) seed. Protoplasma, 253(2), 517-530.