Basic and Applied Myology: a reflection of our roots and vision for the immediate future

D. Dodson, Z. Yablonka-Reuveni, E. Bandmann, Miranda Grounds

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    ''Published by Scientists for Scientists,'' Basic and Applied Myology (BAM) is entering its seventh year of service to the world-wide scientific community. Originally established to provide an outlet for articles covering topics relevant to ''basic research in skeletal muscle,'' BAM coverage presently includes reports of ''experimental studies in large animals, as-well-as basic and clinical research in anatomy, physiology, cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, gene mapping, comparative biology, development and differentiation, regeneration, pathology, epidemiology, bioengineering, pharmacology, toxicology, surgery and medicine.'' The format of BAM is different from many other journals in that many issues are centered on ''Guest-Edited'' topics, called ''Hot Sections.'' As such, the most recent advances in a wide variety of disciplines are presented in BAM. While the foundation of the journal seems firm, the success of BAMs future depends on a number of variables. First, it is important for researchers who submit articles for publication in BAM to become more disciplined in their use of experimental hypotheses, data analyses and interpretation, and to assure strong article content. Second, while BAM is presently included in Science Citation Index Expanded(R), Research Alert(R) and Focus on Molecular Medicine(R), it is requisite that BAM be accepted as a citation into the myriad of full-service scientific indexing systems, like Medline,(R) Current Contents(R) and Agricola(R) to provide the entire muscle field access to BAM articles. Finally, since the field of muscle research is experiencing an unprecedented explosion of new data and research groups, BAM must continue to pursue Guest Editors of Hot Sections who would critically express the most current status of the topic covered.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)295-298
    JournalBasic and Applied Myology
    Issue number(3/4)
    Publication statusPublished - 1997


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