Australian Genomics: Outcomes of a 5-year national program to accelerate the integration of genomics in healthcare

Zornitza Stark, Tiffany Boughtwood, Matilda Haas, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Clara L. Gaff, Ilias Goranitis, Amanda B. Spurdle, David P. Hansen, Oliver Hofmann, Nigel Laing, Sylvia Metcalfe, Ainsley J. Newson, Hamish S. Scott, Natalie Thorne, Robyn L. Ward, Marcel E. Dinger, Stephanie Best, Janet C. Long, Sean M. Grimmond, John PearsonNicola Waddell, Christopher P. Barnett, Matthew Cook, Michael Field, David Fielding, Stephen B. Fox, Jozef Gecz, Adam Jaffe, Richard J. Leventer, Paul J. Lockhart, Sebastian Lunke, Andrew J. Mallett, Julie McGaughran, Linda Mileshkin, Katia Nones, Tony Roscioli, Ingrid E. Scheffer, Christopher Semsarian, Cas Simons, David M. Thomas, David R. Thorburn, Richard Tothill, Deborah White, Sally Dunwoodie, Peter T. Simpson, Peta Phillips, Marie Jo Brion, Keri Finlay, Michael CJ Quinn, Tessa Mattiske, Emma Tudini, Kirsten Boggs, Sean Murray, Kathy Wells, John Cannings, Andrew H. Sinclair, John Christodoulou, Kathryn N. North

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Australian Genomics is a national collaborative partnership of more than 100 organizations piloting a whole-of-system approach to integrating genomics into healthcare, based on federation principles. In the first five years of operation, Australian Genomics has evaluated the outcomes of genomic testing in more than 5,200 individuals across 19 rare disease and cancer flagship studies. Comprehensive analyses of the health economic, policy, ethical, legal, implementation and workforce implications of incorporating genomics in the Australian context have informed evidence-based change in policy and practice, resulting in national government funding and equity of access for a range of genomic tests. Simultaneously, Australian Genomics has built national skills, infrastructure, policy, and data resources to enable effective data sharing to drive discovery research and support improvements in clinical genomic delivery.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)419-426
Number of pages8
JournalAmerican Journal of Human Genetics
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2 Mar 2023


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