AT1R-AT2R-RXFP1 Functional Crosstalk in Myofibroblasts: Impact on the Therapeutic Targeting of Renal and Cardiac Fibrosis

Bryna S. M. Chow, Martina Kocan, Matthew Shen, Yan Wang, Lei Han, Jacqueline Y. Chew, Chao Wang, Sanja Bosnyak, Katrina M. Mirabito-Colafella, Giannie Barsha, Belinda Wigg, Elizabeth K. M. Johnstone, Mohammed A. Hossain, Kevin D. G. Pfleger, Kate M. Denton, Robert E. Widdop, Roger J. Summers, Ross A. D. Bathgate, Tim D. Hewitson, Chrishan S. Samuel

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