Aesthetic Gingival Melanin Pigmentation Treatment in Smokers and Non-Smokers: A Comparison Study Using Nd:YAG Laser and Ceramic Bur

Massa Mahayni, Omar Kujan, Omar Hamadah

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Aesthetic concerns are increasing rapidly; thus, several approaches have been suggested for treating gingival melanin pigmentation. Lasers have been reported as an effective new tool, and the Nd:YAG laser beam has an affinity for melanin and haemoglobin. However, ceramic gingival bur is simple and has less bleeding effect during operation than conventional techniques. This study aimed to compare the outcomes of gingival depigmentation using the Nd:YAG laser and ceramic bur in two different groups (smokers and non-smokers). A total of 40 patients presenting with gingival melanin pigmentation were enrolled in this split-mouth study. The sample was divided into two groups: smokers and non-smokers. Treatment was performed using the Nd:YAG laser (3 W, 60 mJ/pulse, and 50 Hz) and ceramic bur with a one-week interval between the two methods. Clinical indices were recorded, including intraoperative bleeding, wound healing, post-operative pain, and the recurrence of pigmentation, and follow-up periods were determined in the 3rd, 6th, and 9th months postoperatively. Both treatments promoted a similar pain experience and recurrence rate of pigmentation ( p > 0.489, p = 1.000, respectively). Bleeding during surgery and complete healing recovery after one week were statistically significantly higher when using ceramic bur ( p = 0.00, p = 0.041, respectively). Concerning the effect of smoking on the treatment, a higher recurrence rate was observed in SG than N-SG in laser sites (50%, and 95%, respectively) and bur sites (60%, and 85%, respectively), but statistically no significant difference was observed ( p > 0.080). In conclusion, both procedures are adequate for aesthetic gingival depigmentation treatment. The Nd:YAG laser showed greater effectiveness in controlling bleeding, while ceramic bur showed a faster clinical recovery. Furthermore, smokers were more likely to have low depigmentation treatment stability.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1034
JournalJournal of Personalized Medicine
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2023


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