A Social Science Research Agenda for Engineering Practice

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While emerging literature on engineering practice is gradually improving our understanding of workplace performances, little has been written on how the social culture that hosts an enterprise influences engineering practices within it. Research has identified four significant engineering practice weaknesses that are possibly associated with social culture and education gaps. (1) Lack of understanding by engineers on value creation, a possible cause for slowing productivity growth evident since 2007, (2) disappointing project delivery performances by engineers, (3) inappropriate expectations, values and work habits that limit the workplace performances of many early-career engineers, and (4) culture in some low-income countries seems to impose performance barriers for engineers. Social science and humanities research could reveal insights that might enable interventions to alleviate these engineering practice weaknesses. The chapter presents evidence showing how South Asian culture influences engineering practice and offers suggestions for social science and humanities scholars seeking rewarding research opportunities.

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Publication statusPublished - 2022

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