A smarter energy management system for the realization of virtual power plants

Hammad Khan

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    [Truncated abstract] In the current era there is a global concern about the economic downturn and a greener earth which is related to a better and efficient method to generate and transmit electric power. With the advent of the plug-in electric vehicles and renewable energy generators, a smarter, more efficient and customer-friendly power grid is essential. Problems of increased carbon emissions and shortage of energy production are answered by the inclusion of the dispersed/renewable energy generation network in the current centralized grid structure, thus leading towards a decentralized grid structure.

    This decentralized grid structure establishes the basis of the tomorrow's "Smart Grid". TheSmart Grid concept pioneers the two most researched subsystems for managing generationand loads. The first being Micro Grid, the second Virtual Power Plants. The principaldifference between these two subsystems is their voltage levels, where Micro Grids deal primarily with low voltage generation sources and loads; Virtual Power Plants operate both on medium and low voltage generation sources and loads.

    The Virtual Power Plant concept was introduced back in 2002 and has a broader definition of control and dispatch management of generation sources and load as compared to Micro Grid. Energy management is an integral part of the power system stability, therefore in this dissertation Virtual Power Plant system is chosen as the principle model for the control and management of energy flow throughout the network.
    Original languageEnglish
    QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
    Publication statusUnpublished - 2013

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