A partnership framework for enhancing teacher education outcomes

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Abstract Universities are increasingly accountable for the quality of learning expe-riences and graduate outcomes afforded through a teacher-education degree. This research explored quality components of teacher education and how stakeholders can work collaboratively to embed work-integrated learning (WIL) in the student experience, thereby ensuring that graduates are prepared for professional teaching roles. A mixed-methods, case-study research design was used to gather data from principals, teaching staff, students and graduates, and representatives of professional bodies. The graduate survey generated 322 quantitative graduate responses and 492 comments. SPSS and Excel functions were used for quantitative data analysis and NVivo for thematic analysis. Analysis of data collected for the case study revealed domains perceived as important for graduate employability, with collaborative part-nerships emerging as integral to actualising the domains. Findings challenge conven-tional university approaches to brokering and maintaining partnerships, and suggest a holistic engagement framework for stakeholders. Greater collaboration, cooperation, and consultation are required for a more holistic, relevant, and inclusive educative experience that meets the needs of all stakeholders. This chapter proposes a partner-ship framework to support the attainment of teacher-education graduates’ proficiency in preparation for the challenges and unpredictable interface of education. The “WIL Partnership Framework for Teacher Education” outlines roles and responsibilities of stakeholders and describes the features of partnerships among stakeholders to optimise graduate outcomes through shared expertise, vision, and aspirations.
Keywords Work-integrated learning ·WIL partnership framework ·Professional
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Title of host publicationWork Integrated learning case studies in teacher education
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EditorsMatthew Winslade, Tony Loughland, Michelle Eady
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2023


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