A new genus and two new species of miniature clingfishes from temperate southern Australia (Teleostei, Gobiesocidae)

Kevin W. Conway, Glenn Moore, Adam P. Summers

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A new genus and two new species of miniature clingfishes are described based on specimens collected from dense stands of macroalgae in intertidal and shallow subtidal areas along the coast of southern Australia. The new genus, Barryichthys, is distinguished from other genera of the Gobiesocidae by unique features of the adhesive disc, including elongate papillae in adhesive disc regions A and B, the reduction and/or loss of several elements of the cephalic lateral line canals, the lower gill arch skeleton, and the neurocranium, and by having two distinct types of pectoral-fin rays. Barryichthys hutchinsi is described based on 19 specimens (12.4-18.7 mm SL) from Western Australia and South Australia. Barryichthys algicola is described based on 22 specimens (9.0-21.0 mm SL) from Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. The new species are distinguished from each other by characters of body and head shape, vertebral counts, and aspects of live colour pattern. The new genus shares several characters in common with Parvicrepis, another genus of miniature gobiesocids from southern Australia that also inhabits macroalgae habitats. The many reductions and novel characters of Barryichthys are discussed within the context of miniaturisation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)35-65
Number of pages31
Issue number864
Publication statusPublished - 15 Jul 2019

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