A Historical and Historiographical Commentary on the Scythica Vindobonensia

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This thesis is a historical and historiographical commentary on the Scythica Vindobonensia, the recently discovered fragments from the Scythica of Dexippus. It comprises two main sections: an introduction and the commentary. The introduction itself is divided into two main sections, one on Dexippus, and the other on the Scythica. The former (‘Dexippus of Athens’) discusses and contextualises the life and career of Dexippus and also surveys two of his historical works (the Events after Alexander and the Chronica), while the latter (‘The Scythica’) discusses the Scythica more broadly under five subheadings. The first (‘Scope, Structure and Focus’) considers both the formal characteristics of the Scythica (as far as the evidence allows) and argues that Dexippus was interested equally in both local and imperial responses to the third-century barbarian invasions. The second (‘Dexippus’ sources’) argues that Dexippus was a mostly well-informed historian, who likely drew on oral sources when writing the Scythica. The third (‘Style and models’) argues that for Dexippus, Thucydides was a purely stylistic model. The fourth (‘The Dexippan tradition’) introduces the historical works which may have drawn on either Dexippus’ Scythica or his Chronica. The fifth (‘The text of the Scythica’) discusses the preservation of both the pre-existing fragments and new fragments of the Scythica. Then follows the commentary, which is divided into three chapters, each of which is devoted to one of the new fragments. Each of these chapters begins with a discussion of the fragment’s date and/or historical context. In the commentary section of each chapter, the text of the Scythica Vindobonensia is analysed from both historical and (as anticipated in the introduction) historiographical perspectives.
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  • The University of Western Australia
  • Mallan, Christopher, Supervisor
  • Essary, Kirk, Supervisor
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Award date26 Jun 2023
Publication statusUnpublished - 2023


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