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Performing the Passions: Pierre Brumoy’s De Motibus Animi between Dramatic and Didactic Poetry

Haskell, Y., 3 Jan 2019, Changing Hearts: Performing Jesuit Emotions Between Europe, Asia and the Americas. Haskell, Y. & Garrod, R. (eds.). Leiden: Brill, p. 43-62 (Jesuit Studies: Modernity through the Prism of Jesuit History; vol. 15).

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Perinatal maternal mental health and infant socio-emotional development: A growth curve analysis using the MPEWS cohort

Porter, E., Lewis, A. J., Watson, S. J. & Galbally, M., 9 Aug 2019, In : Infant Behavior and Development. 57, p. 101336

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Growth and Development
Mental Health
Child Development
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Western Australia
Cohort Studies
Rotavirus Vaccines

Perinatal risk factors associated with skin infection hospitalisation in Western Australian Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal children

Barnes, R., Bowen, A. C., Walker, R., Tong, S. Y. C., McVernon, J., Campbell, P. T., Fathima, P., de Klerk, N. H., Wu, Y., Blyth, C. C., Carapetis, J. R. & Moore, H. C., 1 Sep 2019, In : Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology. 33, 5, p. 374-383 10 p.

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Perioperative Complications During Living Donor Nephrectomy: Results From a Multicenter Cohort Study

Donor Nephrectomy Outcomes Research (DONOR) Network, 18 Jul 2019, In : Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease. 6, 14 p.

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Living Donors
Multicenter Studies
Cohort Studies
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Periosteum-derived mesenchymal progenitor cells in engineered implants promote fracture healing in a critical-size defect rat model

González-Gil, A. B., Lamo-Espinosa, J. M., Muiños-López, E., Ripalda-Cemboráin, P., Abizanda, G., Valdés-Fernández, J., López-Martínez, T., Flandes-Iparraguirre, M., Andreu, I., Elizalde, M. R., Stuckensen, K., Groll, J., De-Juan-Pardo, E. M., Prósper, F. & Granero-Moltó, F., 1 May 2019, In : Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. 13, 5, p. 742-752 11 p.

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Fracture Healing
Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

Peripheral preview abolishes N170 face-sensitivity at fixation: Using fixation-related potentials to investigate dynamic face processing

de Lissa, P., McArthur, G., Hawelka, S., Palermo, R., Mahajan, Y., Degno, F. & Hutzler, F., 16 Oct 2019, In : Visual Cognition.

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Face Processing
Evoked Potentials

Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma Arising in Patients With Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Van Der Nest, B. M., Leslie, C., Joske, D., Radeski, D., White, R. & Cheah, C. Y., 4 Nov 2019, In : American Journal of Clinical Pathology. 152, 6, p. 818-827 10 p.

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Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma
Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma
B-Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
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Persistence and stochasticity are key determinants of genetic diversity in plants associated with banded iron formation inselbergs

Byrne, M., Krauss, S. L., Millar, M. A., Elliott, C. P., Coates, D. J., Yates, C., Binks, R. M., Nevill, P., Nistelberger, H., Wardell-Johnson, G., Robinson, T., Butcher, R., Barrett, M. & Gibson, N., 1 Jun 2019, In : Biological Reviews. 94, 3, p. 753-772 20 p.

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genetic variation
indigenous species
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Persistence and Subtype Stability of ADHD Among Substance Use Disorder Treatment Seekers

Kaye, S., Ramos-Quiroga, J., van de Glind, G., Levin, F., Faraone, S., Allsop, S., Degenhardt, L., Moggi, F., Barta, C., Konstenius, M., Franck, J., Skutle, A., Bu, E-T., Koeter, M., Demetrovics, Z., Kapitány-Fövény, M., Schoevers, R., van Emmerik-van Oortmerssen, K., Carpentier, P-J., Dom, G. & 11 othersVerspreet, S., Crunelle, C., Young, J., Carruthers, S., Cassar, J., Fatséas, M., Auriacombe, M., Johnson, B., Dunn, M., Slobodin, O. & van den Brink, W., 1 Oct 2019, In : Journal of Attention Disorders. 23, 12, p. 1438-1453

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Substance-Related Disorders
Conduct Disorder
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Antisocial Personality Disorder
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banded iron formation
rare species
indigenous species
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Persistent negative symptoms in individuals at Ultra High Risk for psychosis

Yung, A. R., Nelson, B., McGorry, P. D., Wood, S. J. & Lin, A., 1 Apr 2019, In : Schizophrenia Research. 206, p. 355-361 7 p.

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Open Access
Psychotic Disorders
Social Adjustment

Personalised analytics for rare disease diagnostics

Anderson, D., Baynam, G., Blackwell, J. M. & Lassmann, T., 1 Dec 2019, In : Nature Communications. 10, 1, 5274.

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Open Access
Rare Diseases
gene expression

Personalized 3D printed coronary models in coronary stenting

Sun, Z. & Jansen, S., Aug 2019, In : Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery. 9, 8, p. 1356-1367 12 p.

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Personalized Transcriptomics Reveals Heterogeneous Immunophenotypes in Children with Viral Bronchiolitis

Jones, A. C., Anderson, D., Galbraith, S., Fantino, E., Cardenas, D. G., Read, J. F., Serralha, M., Holt, B. J., Strickland, D. H., Sly, P. D., Bosco, A. & Holt, P. G., 15 Jun 2019, In : American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 199, 12, p. 1537-1549 13 p.

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Personifying Destinations: A Personal Values Approach

Ye, S., Lee, J. A., Sneddon, J. N. & Soutar, G. N., 23 Oct 2019, In : Journal of Travel Research.

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Personal values
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Perspectives and challenges for the use of radar in biological conservation

Hüppop, O., Ciach, M., Diehl, R., Reynolds, D. R., Stepanian, P. M. & Menz, M. H. M., 1 May 2019, In : Ecography. 42, 5, p. 912-930 19 p.

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Perspectives of people with dementia and carers on advance care planning and end-of-life care: A systematic review and thematic synthesis of qualitative studies

Sellars, M., Chung, O., Nolte, L., Tong, A., Pond, D., Fetherstonhaugh, D., McInerney, F., Sinclair, C. & Detering, K. M., 1 Mar 2019, In : Palliative Medicine. 33, 3, p. 274-290 17 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

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Advance Care Planning
Terminal Care
Decision Making
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Pertactin-Negative and Filamentous Hemagglutinin-Negative Bordetella pertussis, Australia, 2013-2017

Xu, Z., Octavia, S., Luu, L. D. W., Payne, M., Timms, V., Tay, C. Y., Keil, A. D., Sintchenko, V., Guiso, N. & Lan, R., Jun 2019, In : Emerging Infectious Diseases. 25, 6, p. 1196-1199 4 p.

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Open Access
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Petrogenesis of Middle Devonian diorite at the Xierqu Fe–Cu deposit in the Kalatag district, eastern Tianshan, NW China

Chen, L., Deng, X. H., Bagas, L., Wu, X. B., Zou, H. Y., Zhang, H. Q., Sun, Y., Lv, X. Q. & Wang, J. B., 19 Jun 2019, In : Geological Journal.

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ion microprobe
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Petrogenesis of the 1.85 Ga Sonakhan mafic dyke swarm, Bastar Craton, India

Shellnutt, J. G., Hari, K. R., Liao, A. C. Y., Denyszyn, S. W., Vishwakarma, N. & Deshmukh, S. D., 1 Jun 2019, In : Lithos. 334-335, p. 88-101 14 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Bearings (structural)
dike swarm
Trace Elements

Petrogenesis of the Cenozoic Lianhuashan pluton (SW China): Constrained by zircon U-Pb geochronology, Lu-Hf isotope, and geochemistry

Du, B., Wang, C., Yang, L., Shi, K., Chen, Q. & Zhu, J., 25 Jul 2019, In : Geological Journal. 24 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Petrogenesis of the Paleoproterozoic (Orosirian) A-type granites of Carajas Province, Amazon Craton, Brazil: Combined in situ Hf-O isotopes of zircon

Barbosa Teixeira, M. F., Dall'Agnol, R., Santos, J. O. S., Kemp, A. & Evans, N., May 2019, In : Lithos. 332, p. 1-22 22 p.

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Petroleum Resource Management: How governments manage their offshore petroleum resources

Techera, E., Jul 2019, In : Marine Policy. 105, p. 10-11 2 p.

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exchangeable aluminum
energy flow
microbial communities
microbial community

Pharmacokinetics of a new human plasma-derived double virus inactivated and nanofiltered factor IX concentrate in previously treated severe or moderately severe haemophilia B patients

Castaman, G., Borchiellini, A., Santagostino, E., Tagariello, G., Serban, M., Uscatescu, M., Truica, C., Albert, F. & Morfini, M., 11 Sep 2019, In : Haemophilia.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Pharmacokinetics of flucloxacillin during prolonged intermittent renal replacement therapy in a 76-year-old man

Fox, E., Cheng, V., Rawlins, M., Dyer, J., De Keulenaer, B., Page, M. M., Hoad, K. & Roberts, J. A., 25 Oct 2019, In : Journal of Chemotherapy.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Renal Replacement Therapy
Critical Illness

Phase 1 study of the selective BTK inhibitor zanubrutinib in B-cell malignancies and safety and efficacy evaluation in CLL

Tam, C. S., Trotman, J., Opat, S., Burger, J. A., Cull, G., Gottlieb, D., Harrup, R., Johnston, P. B., Marlton, P., Munoz, J., Seymour, J. F., Simpson, D., Tedeschi, A., Elstrom, R., Yu, Y., Tang, Z., Han, L., Huang, J., Novotny, W., Wang, L. & 1 othersRoberts, A. W., 12 Sep 2019, In : Blood. 134, 11, p. 851-859 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

B-Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
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Phase equilibria of (Methylbenzene + Carbon dioxide + Methane) at elevated pressure: Experiment and modelling

Al Ghafri, S. ZS. & Trusler, J. P. M., 1 Mar 2019, In : Journal of Supercritical Fluids. 145, p. 1-9 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Carbon Dioxide
Phase equilibria
carbon dioxide
Carbon dioxide
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Phase I trial of the single-chain urokinase intrapleural LTI-01 in complicated parapneumonic effusions or empyema

Beckert, L., Brockway, B., Simpson, G., Southcott, A. M., Lee, Y. C. G., Rahman, N., Light, R. W., Shoemaker, S., Gillies, J., Komissarov, A. A., Florova, G., Ochran, T., Bradley, W., Ndetan, H., Singh, K. P., Sarva, K. & Idell, S., 16 May 2019, In : JCI Insight. 4, 10, 15 p., 127470.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Visual Perception

pH-dependent surface properties of the gallium nitride – Solution interface mapped by surfactant adsorption

Wang, J., Zhang, X., Wang, C., Li, H., Li, H., Keller, S., Mishra, U. K., Nener, B. D., Parish, G. & Atkin, R., 15 Nov 2019, In : Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 556, p. 680-688 9 p.

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Gallium nitride
Surface-Active Agents
Surface properties
Surface active agents
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Phenology and sowing time affect water use in four warm-season annual grasses under a semi-arid environment

Zhang, Z., Yu, K., Siddique, K. H. M. & Nan, Z., 15 May 2019, In : Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 269-270, p. 257-269 13 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

dry environmental conditions
arid environment
warm season
sowing date
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Phenology Dynamics of Dryland Ecosystems Along the North Australian Tropical Transect Revealed by Satellite Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence

Wang, C., Beringer, J., Hutley, L. B., Cleverly, J., Li, J., Liu, Q. & Sun, Y., 28 May 2019, In : Geophysical Research Letters. 46, 10, p. 5294-5302 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of near-isogenic lines targeting a major 4BL QTL responsible for pre-harvest sprouting in wheat

Wang, X., Liu, G., Mia, S. & Siddique, K., 9 Aug 2019, In : BMC Plant Biology. 19, 1, 348.

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Open Access
isogenic lines
quantitative trait loci
Clostridium difficile
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Virulence Factors
Clostridium Infections

Phenotypic plasticity of four Chenopodiaceae species with contrasting saline-sodic tolerance in response to increased salinity-sodicity

Huang, Y., Fan, G., Zhou, D. & Pang, J., Feb 2019, In : Ecology and Evolution. 9, 4, p. 1545-1553 9 p.

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Open Access

Phosphorus-acquisition strategies of canola, wheat and barley in soil amended with sewage sludges

Nobile, C., Houben, D., Michel, E., Firmin, S., Lambers, H., Kandeler, E. & Faucon, M. P., 16 Oct 2019, In : Scientific Reports. 9, 1, 14878.

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water shortages
water use
root growth
grain yield

Phosphorus-fertilisation has differential effects on leaf growth and photosynthetic capacity of Arachis hypogaea L.

Shi, Q., Pang, J., Yong, J. W. H., Bai, C., Pereira, C. G., Song, Q., Wu, D., Dong, Q., Cheng, X., Wang, F., Zheng, J., Liu, Y. & Lambers, H., 24 Apr 2019, In : Plant and Soil.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Arachis hypogaea

Phosphorus limitation improved salt tolerance in maize through tissue mass density increase, osmolytes accumulation, and Na+ uptake inhibition

Tang, H., Niu, L., Wei, J., Chen, X. & Chen, Y., 3 Jul 2019, In : Frontiers in Plant Science. 10, 856.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
salt tolerance
uptake mechanisms
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Photographies in Africa in the digital age

Vokes, R., 1 May 2019, In : Africa. 89, 2, p. 207-224 18 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Photographies in Africa in the Digital Age

Vokes, R., 2019, Cambridge University Press. 121 p.

Research output: Book/ReportOther book

Stolen Generation
Aboriginal Australians
Family History

Photometric Long-Range Positioning of LED Targets for Cooperative Navigation in UAVs

Jospin, L., Stoven-Dubois, A. & Cucci, D. A., 30 Aug 2019, In : Drones. 3, 3, 14 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
Light emitting diodes

Photophysical and biological investigation of phenol substituted rhenium tetrazolato complexes

Akabar, N., Chaturvedi, V., Shillito, G. E., Schwehr, B. J., Gordon, K. C., Huff, G. S., Sutton, J. J., Skelton, B. W., Sobolev, A. N., Stagni, S., Nelson, D. J. & Massi, M., 1 Jan 2019, In : Dalton Transactions. 48, 41, p. 15613-15624 12 p.

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