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Potassic Igneous Rocks and Associated Gold-Copper Mineralization, 5th Edition

Muller, D. & Groves, D., 2019, 5th ed. Springer. 398 p. (Mineral Resource Reviews)

Research output: Book/ReportBook

potassic rock
igneous rock

Potent antileukemic activity of curaxin CBL0137 against MLL-rearranged leukemia

Somers, K., Kosciolek, A., Bongers, A., El-Ayoubi, A., Karsa, M., Mayoh, C., Wadham, C., Middlemiss, S., Neznanov, N., Kees, U. R., Lock, R. B., Gudkov, A., Sutton, R., Gurova, K., Haber, M., Norris, M. D. & Henderson, M. J., 20 Jul 2019, In : International Journal of Cancer.

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Remission Induction
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Potential detection of illegal fishing by passive acoustic telemetry

Tickler, D. M., Carlisle, A. B., Chapple, T. K., Curnick, D. J., Dale, J. J., Schallert, R. J. & Block, B. A., 11 Jan 2019, In : Animal Biotelemetry. 7, 1, 1.

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Potential for molecular testing for group a streptococcus to improve diagnosis and management in a high-risk population: A prospective study

Ralph, A. P., Holt, D. C., Islam, S., Osowicki, J., Carroll, D. E., Tong, S. Y. C. & Bowen, A. C., 1 Apr 2019, In : Open Forum Infectious Diseases. 6, 4, ofz097.

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Prospective Studies
Rheumatic Fever
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Inappropriate Prescribing
History of Medicine
Western Australia

Potential of high-intensity focused ultrasound in resin-dentine bonding

Fawzy, A. S., Daood, U. & Matinlinna, J. P., Jul 2019, In : Dental Materials. 35, 7, p. 979-989 11 p.

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Potential use of Western Australia's mandatory Midwives Notification System for routinely monitoring antenatal vaccine coverage

Regan, A. K., Effler, P., Thomson, C. & Mak, D. B., 17 Jun 2019, In : Communicable Diseases Intelligence. 43, 12 p.

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Potential utility of the SAFEHEART risk equation for rationalising the use of PCSK9 monoclonal antibodies in adults with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia

Pérez de Isla, L., Ray, K. K., Watts, G. F., Santos, R. D., Alonso, R., Muñiz-Grijalvo, O., Diaz-Diaz, J. L., Badimon, L., Catapano, A. L. & Mata, P., 1 Jul 2019, In : Atherosclerosis. 286, p. 40-45 6 p.

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Hyperlipoproteinemia Type II
Monoclonal Antibodies
LDL Cholesterol
Numbers Needed To Treat

Povidone-iodine ear wash and oral cotrimoxazole for chronic suppurative otitis media in Australian aboriginal children: study protocol for factorial design randomised controlled trial

Wigger, C., Leach, A. J., Beissbarth, J., Oguoma, V., Lennox, R., Nelson, S., Patel, H., Chatfield, M., Currie, K., Coates, H., Edwards, K., Smith-Vaughan, H., Hare, K., Torzillo, P., Tong, S. & Morris, P., 27 Jul 2019, In : BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology. 20, 6 p., 46.

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Environmental reporting
Environmental practices
Business networks
Supply chain
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Power distribution network planning in regional areas

Fletcher, J., 2019, (Unpublished)

Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis

Electric power distribution

Powered standing wheelchairs promote independence, health and community involvement in adolescents with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Vorster, N., Evans, K., Murphy, N., Kava, M., Cairns, A., Clarke, D., Ryan, M. M., Siafarikas, A., Rowe, P. W., Parkinson, S., Gaynor, O., Chiu, L., Anderson, J., Bayley, K., Jacoby, P., Cross, D. & Downs, J., 1 Mar 2019, In : Neuromuscular Disorders. 29, 3, p. 221-230 10 p.

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Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Muscle Weakness
Equipment and Supplies

Practical uses of contrast-enhanced spectral mammography in daily work: A pictorial review

Alexander, S., Dulku, G., Hashoul, S. & Taylor, D. B., Jul 2019, In : Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology. 6 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Pragmatism and Progress: Has There Been Progress in Race Relations in the United States?

Cox, D. & Levine, M. P., 25 Mar 2019, Pragmatism Applied: William James and the Challenges of Contemporary Life. SUNY Press

Research output: Chapter in Book/Conference paperChapter

Pragmatism Applied: William James and the Challenges of Contemporary Life

Stagoll, C. S. & Levine, M. P., 2019, (Accepted/In press) SUNY Press.

Research output: Book/ReportEdited book/Anthology

Prasugrel or clopidogrel for long-term secondary stroke prevention?

Hankey, G. J., Mar 2019, In : The Lancet Neurology. 18, 3, p. 222-223 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalEditorial

Prebiotic oligosaccharides in early life alter gut microbiome development in male mice while supporting influenza vaccination responses

van den Elsen, L. W. J., Tims, S., Jones, A. M., Stewart, A., Stahl, B., Garssen, J., Knol, J., Forbes-Blom, E. E. & Van't Land, B., 18 Feb 2019, In : Beneficial Microbes. 10, 3, p. 279-291 14 p.

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Human Influenza
Antibody Formation

Prebiotics: mechanisms and preventive effects in allergy

Brosseau, C., Selle, A., Palmer, D. J., Prescott, S. L., Barbarot, S. & Bodinier, M., 1 Aug 2019, In : Nutrients. 11, 8, 26 p., 1841.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

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Precambrian Hongqiyingzi Complex at the northern margin of the North China Craton: Its zircon U-Pb-Hf systematics, geochemistry and constraints on crustal evolution

Liu, S., Fu, J., Lu, Y. J., Chen, X., Wang, M., Hu, F., Gao, L., Sun, G. & Hu, Y., 15 Jun 2019, In : Precambrian Research. 326, p. 58-83 26 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

crustal evolution

Preconception and antenatal carrier screening for genetic conditions The critical role of general practitioners

Delatycki, M. B., Laing, N. G., Moore, S. J., Emery, J., Archibald, A. D., Massie, J. & Kirk, E. P., Mar 2019, In : Australian journal of general practice. 48, 3, p. 106-110 5 p.

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Predation shapes sperm performance surfaces in guppies

Devigili, A., Evans, J. P. & Fitzpatrick, J. L., 26 Jun 2019, In : Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 286, 1905, 20190869.

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Poecilia reticulata

Predator-prey games on complex networks

Weng, T., Yang, H., Gu, C., Zhang, J., Hui, P. & Small, M., 1 Dec 2019, In : Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation. 79, 104911.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Complex networks
Complex Networks

Predicting dark respiration rates of wheat leaves from hyperspectral reflectance

Coast, O., Shah, S., Ivakov, A., Gaju, O., Wilson, P. B., Posch, B. C., Bryant, C. J., Negrini, A. C. A., Evans, J. R., Condon, A. G., Silva-Pérez, V., Reynolds, M. P., Pogson, B. J., Millar, A. H., Furbank, R. T. & Atkin, O. K., 28 Mar 2019, In : Plant, Cell & Environment. p. 2133-2150 18 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Respiratory Rate
respiratory rate
Carbon Cycle
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Predicting future distributions of lanternfish, a significant ecological resource within the Southern Ocean

Freer, J. J., Tarling, G. A., Collins, M. A., Partridge, J. C. & Genner, M. J., 1 Aug 2019, In : Diversity and Distributions. 25, 8, p. 1259-1272 14 p.

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Premature Infants
Gestational Age
Apgar Score
Western Australia
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Prediction modelling using routine clinical parameters to stratify survival in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma patients undergoing cytoreductive surgery

Harris, E. J. A., Kao, S., McCaughan, B., Nakano, T., Kondo, N., Hyland, R., Nowak, A. K., de Klerk, N. H. & Brims, F. J. H., Feb 2019, In : Journal of Thoracic Oncology. 14, 2, p. 288-293 6 p.

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Prediction of dynamic increase factor for steel fibre reinforced concrete using a hybrid artificial intelligence model

Yang, L., Qi, C., Lin, X., Li, J. & Dong, X., 15 Jun 2019, In : Engineering Structures. 189, p. 309-318 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Steel fibers
Artificial intelligence
Reinforced concrete
Strain rate

Prediction of pathogenicity genes involved in adaptation to a lupin host in the fungal pathogens Botrytis cinerea and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum via comparative genomics

Mousavi-Derazmahalleh, M., Chang, S., Thomas, G., Derbyshire, M., Bayer, P. E., Edwards, D., Nelson, M. N., Erskine, W., Lopez-Ruiz, F. J., Clements, J. & Hane, J. K., 17 May 2019, In : BMC Genomics. 20, 11 p., 385.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
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Prediction of permeability and unconfined compressive strength of pervious concrete using evolved support vector regression

Sun, J., Zhang, J., Gu, Y., Huang, Y., Sun, Y. & Ma, G., 20 May 2019, In : Construction and Building Materials. 207, p. 440-449 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Hydraulic conductivity
Compressive strength
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Prediction of sorafenib treatment–related gene expression for hepatocellular carcinoma: preoperative MRI and histopathological correlation

Dong, Z., Huang, K., Liao, B., Cai, H., Dong, Y., Huang, M., Zhou, X., Jia, Y., Xu, L., Luo, Y., Li, Z. P. & Feng, S. T., 1 May 2019, In : European Radiology. 29, 5, p. 2272-2282 11 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Gene Expression

Prediction of type 2 diabetes mellitus using noninvasive MRI quantitation of visceral abdominal adiposity tissue volume

Wang, M., Luo, Y., Cai, H., Xu, L., Huang, M., Li, C., Dong, Z., Li, Z. P. & Feng, S. T., 30 May 2019, In : Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery. 9, 6, p. 1076-1086 11 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Intra-Abdominal Fat
Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Predictive value of PD-L1 and other clinical factors for chemoimmunotherapy in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer

Woodford, R., Loh, Y., Lee, J., Cooper, W., Marschner, I., Lewis, C. R., Millward, M., Lord, S., Gralla, R. J., Yang, J. C-H., Mok, T. & Lee, C. K., Jul 2019, In : Future Oncology. 15, 20, p. 2371-2383 13 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Transient Ischemic Attack

Pre-emptive intervention versus treatment as usual for infants showing early behavioural risk signs of autism spectrum disorder: a single-blind, randomised controlled trial

Whitehouse, A. J. O., Varcin, K. J., Alvares, G. A., Barbaro, J., Bent, C., Boutrus, M., Chetcuti, L., Cooper, M. N., Clark, A., Davidson, E., Dimov, S., Dissanayake, C., Doyle, J., Grant, M., Iacono, T., Maybery, M., Pillar, S., Renton, M., Rowbottam, C., Sadka, N. & 8 othersSegal, L., Slonims, V., Taylor, C., Wakeling, S., Wan, M. W., Wray, J., Green, J. & Hudry, K., Sep 2019, In : The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health. 3, 9, p. 605-615

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Randomized Controlled Trials
Autistic Disorder
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Pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention during pregnancy and lactation: forget not the women and children

Horgan, L., Blyth, C. C., Bowen, A. C., Nolan, D. A. & McLean-Tooke, A. P., Apr 2019, In : Medical Journal of Australia. 210, 6, p. 281-284 4 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

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Preferences for and potential impacts of financial incentives to install residential rooftop solar photovoltaic systems in Australia

Zander, K. K., Simpson, G., Mathew, S., Nepal, R. & Garnett, S. T., 1 Sep 2019, In : Journal of Cleaner Production. 230, p. 328-338 11 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

photovoltaic system
Solar energy
Climate change

Pregnancy and litter size, but not lamb sex, affect feed intake and wool production by merino-type ewes

Cordero, M. O., Herrera, C. A. M., García, J. M. V., Stewart, C. A., Nieto, C. A. R., Alfaro, A. E. O., Purvis, I. W., Reyes, V. C., Rangel, H. A. L. & Martin, G. B., 1 May 2019, In : Animals. 9, 5, 214.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
wool production
Litter Size
litter size

Pregnancy as a risk factor for severe influenza infection: an individual participant data meta-analysis

FLURISK-INVESTIGATORS, 2 Aug 2019, In : BMC Infectious Diseases. 19, 1, 10 p., 683.

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Open Access

Pregnancy Induces a Steady-State Shift in Alveolar Macrophage M1/M2 Phenotype That Is Associated With a Heightened Severity of Influenza Virus Infection: Mechanistic Insight Using Mouse Models

Lauzon-Joset, J. F., Scott, N. M., Mincham, K. T., Stumbles, P. A., Holt, P. G. & Strickland, D. H., 5 May 2019, In : The Journal of infectious diseases. 219, 11, p. 1823-1831 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Alveolar Macrophages
Virus Diseases
Open Access
Health Services
Contraception Behavior
Pregnancy Outcome
Immunoglobulin A
Odds Ratio
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Prehospital transdermal glyceryl trinitrate in patients with ultra-acute presumed stroke (RIGHT-2): an ambulance-based, randomised, sham-controlled, blinded, phase 3 trial

RIGHT-2 Investigators & Cala, L., 9 Mar 2019, In : Lancet. 393, 10175, p. 1009-1020 12 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
Allied Health Personnel
Blood Pressure
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Prenatal and perinatal risk factors for eating disorders in women: A population cohort study

Watson, H. J., Diemer, E. W., Zerwas, S., Gustavson, K., Knudsen, G. P., Torgersen, L., Reichborn-Kjennerud, T. & Bulik, C. M., 1 Jun 2019, In : International Journal of Eating Disorders. 52, 6, p. 643-651 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Binge-Eating Disorder
Cohort Studies
Fetal Development
Anorexia Nervosa
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Preparation of the F -SO 4 2- /MWCNTs catalyst and kinetic studies of the biodiesel production via esterification reaction of oleic acid and methanol

Shu, Q., Zou, W., He, J., Lesmana, H., Zhang, C., Zou, L. & Wang, Y., 1 May 2019, In : Renewable Energy. p. 836-845 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Oleic acid

Prescription patterns of anti-diabetic medications and clinical outcomes in Asian patients with heart failure and diabetes mellitus

on behalf of the ASIAN-HF Investigators, 1 May 2019, In : European Journal of Heart Failure. 21, 5, p. 685-688 4 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Presence of Pleural Plaques and/or Asbestosis and the Risk of Lung Cancer

Brims, F., Kong, K., Harris, E., Reid, A., Murray, C., Franklin, P., Sodhi-Berry, N., Musk, A. & de Klerk, N., 2019, In : American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 199, 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalAbstract/Meeting Abstract

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Presentation: Understanding the gender gap in financial literacy

Preston, A. & Wright, R. E., 2019, (Unpublished) p. 1. 61 p.

Research output: Contribution to conferenceConference presentation/ephemera