Returning Western Australian Characterisation Capabilities to the Cutting Edge - High Resolution Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy

  • Sampson, David (Chief Investigator)
  • Faraone, Lorenzo (Chief Investigator)
  • Liu, Yinong (Chief Investigator)
  • Raston, Colin (Chief Investigator)
  • Saunders, Martin (Chief Investigator)
  • Buckley, Craig (Chief Investigator)
  • Chaudhary, Deeptangshu (Chief Investigator)
  • Rasmussen, Birger (Chief Investigator)
  • van Riessen, Arie (Chief Investigator)
  • Minakshi, Manickam (Chief Investigator)
  • Yin, Chun-Yang (Chief Investigator)
  • Anand, Ravinder (Chief Investigator)
  • Hough, Robert (Chief Investigator)
  • Xie, Zonghan (Chief Investigator)

Project Details

Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/13


  • Australian Research Council