Historical and cultural studies of WA/Qld goldfields and arid lands

  • Taylor, William M (Chief Investigator)
  • Macarthur, John (Investigator 02)
  • Goldswain, Philip (Investigator 03)
  • Ball, Clarissa (Investigator 04)
  • Fitzgerald, Criena (Investigator 05)
  • Landorf, Christine (Investigator 06)
  • Sully, Nicole (Investigator 07)
  • van der Plaat, Deborah (Investigator 08)

Project Details


The project grew from an ongoing dialogue between UWA School of Design staff members and associated researchers on the history, visual and building cultures of Western Australia's Goldfields communities. This resulted in the published collection of essays and the first public showing of the associated photographic exhibition 'An Everyday Transience: The Urban Imaginary of Goldfields Photographer John Joseph Dwyer' (UWA Publishing, 2010), the book being edited and curated by Phil Goldswain and Bill Taylor. The WA Museum invited Goldswain and Taylor to bring the exhibition to Kalgoorlie for six months in 2012 and this presented us with a unique opportunity to enhance study, dialogue and critical assessment of this project application’s aims and outcomes.

The project aims were to: i) undertake collaborative research into the cultivation of ‘placefulness’ in a selected community, ii) adopt a ‘case study’ mode of work by focusing our efforts on the urban, architectural and cultural history of mining communities; iii) devise ways of working within and between the disciplines of urban and architectural history, the history of photography and visual art, literature, popular culture and curatorial studies represented by the members of our research team; iv) to articulate subject matter in view of local, national and international interests and benefits. A major outcome so far is the edited book and collection of essays Out of place (Gwalia): occasional essays on Australian regional communities and built environments in transition, (UWA Publishing, 2014).
Effective start/end date1/01/1231/12/12


  • The University of Western Australia: A$17,500.00