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Raine Eye Health Study - Ocular Biometry and Ultraviolet Exposure

Tan, A., McKnight, C. & Forward, H.

Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia


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Turning sight into sound: Enabling the visually impaired to see with a multi-sensory headset

Iu, H. C., Lei, W., Eshraghian, K., Kang, S. M., Kavehei, O. & Eshraghian, J.

University of Western Australia


Project: Research

A history of twentieth century Venice

Bosworth, R.

ARC Small Grants


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Kernel density estimation from aggregate data

Hazelton, M.

UWA Research Grants Scheme


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Ultrasonic Blood Pressure Measurement on Implanted Biomedical Surfaces

Semmens, J., Moresi, L., Lawrence-Brown, M. & Manasseh, R.

National Health & Medical Research Council NHMRC


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WAVES: (Western Australian) Wide Area VISTA Extra-galactic Survey

Driver, S., Robotham, A., Power, C., Meyer, M., Strickland, D., Waithman, J., Foley, B., Couch, W., Hopkins, A. M., Sheinis, A. & Lidman, C.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Evaluation of UCW Personal Helpers and Mentors Program

Esmond, J.

UnitingCare West


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