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Establishing a UWA UQ Network for Collaboration in Autism Research

Maybery, M., Whitehouse, A., Anderson, M., Badcock, D., Badcock, J., Ravine, D., Wray, J., Rodger, S., Bellgrove, M., Claudianos, C., Mowry, B., Key, B., Markovitch, D., Peterson, C., Slaughter, V., Sofronoff, K., Ziviani, J. & Ham, H.

University of Western Australia


Project: Research

Developing Useable Markers of Mental Health Deterioration

Page, A., Hooke, G., Lutz, W. & Barkham, M.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

LE0560712 - State-of-the-Art Biophysical Tool for the Characterisation of Molecular Interactions

Stewart, G., Berners-Price, S., Watt, P., Beazley, L., Dunlop, S., Martins, R., Thompson, R. & Helmerhorst, E.

ARC Linkage Infrastructure Equipment Facilities


Project: Research

Viral Immune Evasion from the NK Cell Ly49H Activation Receptor

Scalzo, T. & Degli-Esposti, M.

NHMRC Project Grants


Project: Research

Descending control in hearing and deafness.

Robertson, D., Mulders, W., Paolini, A. & Winter, I.

NHMRC Project Grants


Project: Research

Human Milk and the Preterm Infant

Perrella, S.

Medela AG


Project: Research

Musgraves BHP Billiton

Maier, W.

BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty Ltd


Project: Research

Microphone Array using Multi-Rate Techniques for Telecommunication Equipment

Cantoni, A., Nordholm, S., Leung, Y. & Claesson, E.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research

A clock for the Square Kilometre Array.

Schediwy, S., Garrington, S. & Marra, G.

University of Western Australia


Project: Research