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Cutting-edge electron probe microanalysis driving WA’s resource geosciences

Kilburn, M., Fiorentini, M., Kemp, A., Martyniuk, M., Fitzsimons, I., Putnis, A., Reddy, S., Barnes, S., Johnson, S. & Smithies, R.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Bio-inspired ionic liquid solvents for biomass refining

Atkin, R., Li, H., Zhang, D., Simmons, B., Warr, G., Imberti, S. & Dutta, T.

University of Western Australia


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Soil Carbon Stocks in Tasmanian Wet Eucalypt and Rainforest Native Forests

Santini, T., Moss, P., McIntosh, P. & Moroni, M.

Forest Practices Authority


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