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CRC for Integrated Engineering Asset Management - Integrated Asset Health Manager - AHM

Hodkiewicz, M., Zhao, F., Mechefske, C., Ma, L., Raymond, K., Thambiratnam, D., Zhang, S., Zhang, L. & Sun, Y.

CRC for Integrated Engineering Asset Management


Project: Research

LE0775672 - 3D Scanning and Printing Facilities (3DSPF)

Bennamoun, M., Owens, R., Spackman, M., Sampson, D., Trevelyan, J., Haines, K., Boussaid, F., Lichti, D., Stewart, M., Rohl, A., Parkinson, G., Ogden, M., Worden, S. & Fitzsimons, I.

ARC Linkage Infrastructure Equipment Facilities


Project: Research

Living Lab@UWA

Hodkiewicz, M. & McCann, P.

METS Ignited


Project: Research

Integrating Personalised Genomics into Risk Stratification Models of Population Screening for Cancer

Moses, E., Preen, D., Lansdorp-Volgaar, I., Ee, H., Hendrie, D., Goldblatt, J., Jenkins, M. & Donovan, R.

Cancer Council Australia


Project: Research

The Busselton Family Heart Study

Moses, E., Melton, P., Hung, J., Cadby, G., Van Bockxmeer, F., Watts, G., Meikle, P., Blangero, J., Beilby, J. & Dube, M.

National Health & Medical Research Council NHMRC


Project: Research

LX0561252: Household Strategies and Dynamics in England, 1400-1830

Sharpe, P., Tarbin, S., Maddern, P., Broomhall, S. & Harding, V.

ARC Linkage International


Project: Research