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Round 16 - Saunders

Saunders, C.

WA Department of Health


Project: Research

Maintenance of Australia's Soil Resource - Water, Microbial Diversity and Function.

Cookson, W., Murphy, D., O'Brien, P. & Goulding, K.

ARC Discovery Projects


Project: Research

Innovative seed technologies for restoration in a biodiversity hotspot

Hobbs, R., Erickson, T., Stevens, J., Madsen, M., Forster, M., Newton, V., Pekin, A. & Savage, A.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Advances in HIgher Spin Gauge Theory

Kuzenko, S., Sorokin, D. & Vasiliev, M.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

The Barrow Island Archaeology Project: the dynamism of maritime societies in northern Australia

Veth, P., Paterson, A., Souter, C., Basgall, M., Zeanah, D., Manne, T., Placzek, C. & Codding, B.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research