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Strategies to enhance cardiac myocyte replacement

Grounds, M., Bogoyevitch, M. & Rosenthal, N.

National Heart Foundation


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The Nanoscale Characterisation Centre WA Focussed Ion Beam Nanofabrication and Milling Facility

Saunders, M., Hart, R., Yang, H., Musca, C., Parish, G., van Riessen, A., Parkinson, G., Low, I. (., Reddy, S., Wright, K., Hinckley, S., Davies, I., Howard, I. & Richmond, W.

Australian Research Council


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Investigation & characterisation of new materials for wireless communications

Hartnett, J., Tobar, M., Mazierska, J. & Krupka, J.

ARC Linkage International


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Memory Models and Neuroimaging.

Ecker, U., Lewandowsky, S., Bayliss, D., Cook, J., Jarrold, C., Farrell, S., Brooks, J., Thai, J. & Briscoe, J.

University of Western Australia


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Design & Formal Verification of Control & Data Acquistion Protocols

Milne, G. & Griffiths, A.

ARC Linkage Projects


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Antisense DNA mediated treatment of retinitis pigmentosa

Rakoczy, E., Constable, I. & Chirila, T.

Retina Australia


Project: Research

Evaluation of youth suicide prevention initiative

Harries, M. & Murphy, P.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research

Casuarina Obesa Production System

Boxshall, B.

Great Southern Development Commission


Project: Research

DP0878108 - Extending the spectrum and performance of ultra-stable frequency generation

Le Floch, J., Hartnett, J., Salomon, C., Cros, D. & Doeleman, S.

ARC Discovery Projects


Project: Research

The Application of Forensic Microbiology

Tay, G. & Dadour, I.

AB Health


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