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Mobilities and belonging: Sustaining families and communities in transnational settings.

Baldassar, L., Fozdar, F., Ji, M., Kilkey, M., Lunt, N., Merla, L., Edwards, D., Raffaetà, R., Hallilovic, H., Harris, A., Wilding, R. & Peters, N.

University of Western Australia


Project: Research

Cryogenic Pressure Swing Adsorption for Improved LNG Production

May, E., Trengove, R., Trebble, M. & Trimm, D.

Chevron Australia Pty Ltd


Project: Research

Whitfeld Fellowship - Ernest Koh

Koh, E.

Whitfeld Fellowships


Project: Research

Perkin Elmer JANUS Integrator Robotic Liquid Handling Workstation

Pfleger, K., Kalaydjieva, L., Chandler, D., Williams, C., Thompson, P., Schwab, S., Laing, N., Nowak, K., Ratajczak, T. & Beilby, J.

National Health & Medical Research Council NHMRC


Project: Research