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Evaluation Service on Sponsorship Effectiveness

Giles-Corti, B., Donovan, R. & Saunders, J.

WA Health Promotion Foundation Healthway


Project: Research

An Advanced Thermogravimetric Analysis System for World Leading Research in Clean Energy Catalysts Material Science & Nanotechnology

Zhang, D., Liu, Y., Raston, C., May, E., Hu, X., Yang, H., Koutsantonis, G., Baker, M., Wu, J., Swaminatha Iyer, K., Sercombe, T., Rudolph, V., Biggs, M., Ashman, P., Bhattacharya, S., Cook, W., Forsyth, M., Wang, S., Diniz da Costa, J., Moghtaderi, B., Dlugogorski, B., Wall, T., Kennedy, E. & MacFarlane, D.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Australian Dark Matter Detector for High Mass Axions

Tobar, M., Goryachev, M., Ivanov, E., Fedorov, A., Bowen, W., Drinkwater, M., Volz, T. & Brennan, G.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

DP0664090 - A Novel Role for Phytochrome in Dormancy Release Inhibition

Powles, S., Steadman, K., Hilhorst, H., Benech-Arnold, R. & Toorop, P.

ARC Discovery Projects


Project: Research

Australian Social Science Data Archive: Provision of Advanced Research Infrastructure and Collaborative Environment

Denemark, D., Burrows, T., Mitchell, D., Evans, B., Western, M., McCarthy, G., Nakata, N., Mazerolle, L., Byrne, J., Wiseman, J., Crozier, M., Kenyon, A., McLeod, J., Ferguson, C., Boreham, P., Cheshire, L., Denning, R., Behrendt, L., Jakubowicz, A., McDonald, P., McAllister, I., Gray, E., Smith, L., Hungerford, S. & Holloway, S.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

The Cost of Employee Stock Options in Australia

Szimayer, A.

UWA Research Grants Scheme


Project: Research

Tissue Regeneration in Oral Health

Ang, E.

University of Western Australia


Project: Research

Chronostratigraphic Framework for the Devonian Canning Basin - A Multidisciplinary Record of Environmental Change

Tohver, E., Cawood, P., Grice, K., Hocking, R., Kirschvink, J., Montgomery, P., Playford, P., Playton, T., Thompson, N., Trotter, J. & Ward, P.

ARC Linkage Projects


Project: Research

Salt Scenarios 2020

Pannell, D.



Project: Research

WA Diversion Program - 2009 Evaluation (POP/STIR/IDP)

Indermaur, D. & Nicholls, T.

WA Department of Health


Project: Research