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Geological shape analysis and application to gold exploration

Knox-Robinson, C.

ARC Small Grants


Project: Research

Vitamin D metabolites and risk of multiple sclerosis in the Ausimmune Study

Lucas, R., Black, L., Clarke, M., Ponsonby, A. L. & Taylor, B.

Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia


Project: Research

Externally led WUN - Understanding the impact of migration on health: synthesising the evidence, improving

Rammohan, A., Ben-Shiomo, Y., Salami, B., Morton, S., Diaz, E., Chung, R., Griffiths, S., Ellison, G., Krafft, T., Holdsworth, M., Madise, N. & Padmadas, S.

Worldwide Universities Network


Project: Research

The airway epithelium in paediatric respiratory diseases

Stick, S., Kicic, A., Sutanto, E., Looi, K., Garratt, L., Ling, K., Fantino, E. & Sly, P.

University of Western Australia


Project: Research

Assessing Local Advantage of Gompholobium Marginatum

Smithson, A. & Copeland, L.

BHP Billiton Group


Project: Research

Analysis of Community Responses from Think2030

Wood, E.

City of Subiaco


Project: Research