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A Core Western Australian Cell Sorting Facility - Ultra-Small Objects and Rare Cell Populations

Sampson, D., Croser, J., Degli-Esposti, M., Dunlop, S., Harvey, A., Fuller, K., Kahler, C., Klinken, P., Leedman, P., Marshall, B., Millar, H., Murch, A., Rigby, P., Stewart, G., Waite, A., Whelan, J., Yeoh, G., Hampson, D., James, C., Phillips, J., Ryan, U., Stumbles, P., Thompson, R., Ziman, M. & Wilcox, G.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

A clock for the Square Kilometre Array.

Schediwy, S., Garrington, S. & Marra, G.

The University of Western Australia


Project: Research

ACC SportSmart 9-Point Plan Review

Alderson, J., Hume, P., Lorimer, A., Whatman, C., Reid, D. & Gamble, P.

Accident Compensation Corporation ACC


Project: Research

Accoustic Tracking and Modelling Services for Marine Wildlife

Pattiaratchi, C., Meekan, M., Whiting, S., Pendoley, K., Harcourt, R., McMahon, C. & Thums, M.

WA Department of Environment & Conservation


Project: Research

Access to Emergency Care in Australia (ATECA)

Jacobs, I. & Sprivulis, P.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research