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Dyslipidaemia and arterial wall function in nephrotic syndrome

Watts, G., Mendelson, R. & Thomas, M.

Kidney Health Australia


Project: Research

Early life programming of childhood obesity.

Huang, R., Oddy, W., Burdge, G., Jaddoe, V. & Davis, E.

The University of Western Australia


Project: Research

Early Nutrition - Long Term Effects of Early Nutrition on Later Health

Oddy, W. & Koletzko, B.


Project: Research

ECM Stiffness Driven Cardiac Induction of Stem Cells

Choi, Y. S., Hunyor, S., Cooper-White, J. & Engler, A.

Heart Research Australia


Project: Research

Eco-engineering soil from mine tailings for native plant rehabilitation 00763-53500000 ARC 00763-53500100 PO

Lambers, H., Huang, L., Bond, P., Stevens, J., Southam, G., Houlihan, R. & Dixon, K.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research