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Turf Wars: fighting the new battle facing blue forests

Wernberg, T., Coleman, M. & Filbee-Dexter, K.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Genetic basis of complex traits in schizophrenia

Hallmayer, J., Jablensky, A., Michie, P. & Hay, D.

NHMRC Project Grants


Project: Research

Memory Synaptic Plasticity and Gene Networks in Schizophrenia

Jablensky, A., Kalaydjieva, L., Wiltshire, S., Morgan, V., Badcock, J., Segal, M. & Price, G.

National Health & Medical Research Council NHMRC


Project: Research

Multipoint sibpair analysis of autism

Hallmayer, J., Jablensky, A., Bishop, D., Zubrick, S. & Maybery, M.

NHMRC Project Grants


Project: Research

Towards a diagnostic test for rheumatic fever

Carapetis, J., Bosco, A., Holt, P., Ralph, A., Maguire, G., Pearson, G., Broadhurst, D., Mayo, M., Albani, S. & Moreland, N.

National Health & Medical Research Council NHMRC


Project: Research

NHMRC Equipment Grant: Noraxon 16 Channe Telemetry System

Lloyd, D., Elliott, B., Ackland, T., Mills, P., Doyle, T., Wood, D., Stoffel, K., Prince, R., Stachowiak, G., Kirk, B., Podsiadlo, P. & Nichols, R.

NHMRC Equipment Grants


Project: Research