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Role of Heterocyclic Amine Carcinogens in Prostate Cancer - A Pharmacogenetic Analysis

Minchin, R. & Kadlubar, F.


Project: Research

Externally led WUN - Global initiative promoting meaningful engagement of persons ageing in supported living environments

Baldassar, L., Etherton-Beer, C., Webb, E., Du Toit, S., Buchanan, H., Collier, L., Woo, J., Peri, K., Cheung, G. & Lovarini, M.

Worldwide Universities Network


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Testing Trade Mark Laws Image of the Consumer

Burrell, R., Weatherall, K., Humphreys, M., Kelly, S., Burt, J. & Richardson, M.

Australian Research Council


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Reducing 3D Geological Uncertainty via Improved Data Interpretation Methods

Jessell, M., Holden, E., Baddeley, A., Wedge, D., Lindsay, M., Aillères, L., Gessner, K. & Hronsky, J.

Australian Research Council


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The Impact of Exercise on Growth Hormone Deficient Adolescent & Young Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer - a Pilot Study

Rath, N., Choong, C., Langridge, A., Naylor, L., Cole, C., Gottardo, N., Miles, G. & Martino, B.

Perth Children’s Hospital


Project: Research

MDC Easy As Project

Vercoe, P.

Meat & Livestock Australia


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Advancing single-cell analysis and isolation in Western Australia

Lister, R., Collin, S., Forrest, A., Holme, A., Small, I., Berndt, M., Gray, E., Gummer, J. & Maker, G.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

The Western Australian Injury risk factor survey

Stevenson, M. & Cercarelli, R.

WA Health Promotion Foundation Healthway


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