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Dyslipidaemia and arterial wall function in nephrotic syndrome

Watts, G., Mendelson, R. & Thomas, M.

Kidney Health Australia


Project: Research

Evaluating potential static liquefaction of tailings to prevent failures

Fourie, A., Vinod, J., Rahman, M., Russell, A., Gillani, I., Davies, M., Lupo, J. & Liddell, S.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Continuing Data Collection - NSW Sites

King, W.

Land & Water Australia


Project: Research

Learning Federation Science 2

Dickinson, R., Wheatley, M. & Dook, J.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research

Oxidative Damage and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease

Croft, K., Mori, T., Woodward, M., Kettle, A., MacMahon, S. & Stocker, R.

National Institutes of Health


Project: Research

Sentencing trends for violent offenders in Australia

Morgan, N., Indermaur, D., Maller, M. & Fernandez, J.

Australian Institute of Criminology


Project: Research