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Role of Heterocyclic Amine Carcinogens in Prostate Cancer - A Pharmacogenetic Analysis

Minchin, R. & Kadlubar, F.


Project: Research

Mediators of Human Anaphylaxis

Brown, S., Isbister, G. & Holdgate, A.

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network


Project: Research

Epidemiological aspects of respiratory disease in Busselton

Knuiman, M., Musk, A., Ryan, G. & James, A.

NHMRC Public Health R&D Committee


Project: Research

Community attitudes and competence in first aid

Jelinek, G., Jacobs, I., Celenza, A. & O'Brien, D.

Australian Rotary Health Research Fund


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LE0775650 - Advanced Multi Purpose Analytical Pyrolysis Facility

Greenwood, P., Watling, J., Tibbett, M., Grierson, P., van Aarrssen, B., Boreham, C., Kagi, R. & Heitz, A.

ARC Linkage Infrastructure Equipment Facilities


Project: Research

Ion Channels Interactions: Stochastic Modelling and Inference

Milne, R., Madsen, B. & Yeo, G.

ARC Early grants


Project: Research

Wave run-up on vertical columns of an offshore structure

Thiagarajan, K. & Lie, H.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research

Bunker Bay Landscape Study

Revell, G.

Tract WA Pty Ltd


Project: Research