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Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal Sex Offenders in Australia - Assessing Risk for Practice and Policy

Morgan, F., Tubex, H., Spiranovic, C., Smallbone, S., Lynas, J., Neill, S., Dawson, D., Wong, S., Ferrante, A., Millhouse, H., Ware, J., Garrington, C., Cuellar, K., Hosking, J. & Allan, A.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Gender Inclusivity of Engineering Students' Experiences of Workplace Learning

Male, S., MacNish, C., Bennett, D., Maynard, N., Willey, K., Gardner, A. & Figueroa, E.

Office for Learning & Teaching


Project: Research

Transport Modelling Review

Biermann, S.

WA Main Roads


Project: Research

The Asthmatic Epithelium from Childhood to Adulthood

Stick, S., Kicic, A., Bosco, A., Wark, P. & Knight, D.

Asthma Australia


Project: Research

CRC Impact - Grain Industry Delivery Sites

Nansen, C.

CRC Plant Biosecurity


Project: Research

Assay Development Program

Jaeger, W.

Dimerix Bioscience Pty Ltd


Project: Research