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Inflammation, genes and atherosclerosis

Hung, J., Beilby, J., Thompson, P. & Chapman, C.

National Heart Foundation


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Animals on the Move - an Integrated Approach to Selecting Conservation Reserves under Climate Change

Mitchell, N., Hipsey, M., APAI, N. N., Kearney, M., Porter, W., Kuchling, G. & Sivapalan, M.

Australian Research Council


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Testing Trade Mark Laws Image of the Consumer

Burrell, R., Weatherall, K., Humphreys, M., Kelly, S., Burt, J. & Richardson, M.

Australian Research Council


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ICED (Immediate Cooling and Emergency Decompression): Involving WA in an Australia-Wide Clinical Trial for Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

Dunlop, S., Batchelor, P., Woodland, P., Dillon, D., Rao, S., Ker, J., Buchanan, J., Allison, G., Middleton, J., Freeman, B. & Watts, A.

Neurotrauma Research Program (NRP)


Project: Research

Ecological Linkages 19-0608

Davis, R., Roberts, D. & Brooker, L.

Perth Region NRM


Project: Research

Ocean Reef Fluxes at Ningaloo

Waite, A. & Lowe, R.

CSIRO Flagship Programs


Project: Research

Realization of an Ultra-Stable Local Oscillator Using an Ultra-Low Vibration Pulse-Tube Cryocooler

Hartnett, J., Park, S. E., Lee, S. & Santarelli, G.

Australian Research Council


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Pathways Policies and Prevention - Better Outcomes for Western Australian Children

Stanley, F., Leonard, H., De Klerk, N., Li, J., Nassar, N., Zubrick, S., Langridge, A., Rosman, D., Taylor, C., Bartnik, E., Walker, P., Gwilliam, C., Johnson, I., Marney, T., Murphy, T., O'Callaghan, K., O'Neill, S., Searle, G., Chalmers, R. & Flett, P.

Australian Research Council


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