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Water and the Making of Urban Australia: a history since 1900

Gaynor, A., Gregory, J., Frost, L., Morgan, R., Shanahan, M. & Spearitt, P.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Changing landscapes, changing people: Australia's southern mallee lands, 1830 - 2012

Gaynor, A., Holmes, K., Broome, R., Fahey, C. & Ford, R.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Faith on the Goldfields: Rediscovering religious diversity 1852-today

Rhook, N., Jones, J., Jones, T., Fahey, C. & Budge, T.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

2009 Owen Anchorage Habitat Mapping

Kendrick, G. & Van Niel, K.

Oceanica Consulting Pty Ltd


Project: Research

Benchmark Study for the Southwest

Harvey, E., Taylor, H., Kendrick, G. & Meeuwig, J.

South West Catchments Council (NHT)


Project: Research

Urinary Tract Management and Infection Control After Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Dunlop, S., Goodes, L., Watts, A., Hartshorn, C., D'Orsogna, L., Buchanan, J., Boan, P. & Heath, C.

Neurotrauma Research Program (NRP)


Project: Research

NHMRC Equipment Grant: Kodak Imaging Station 2000MM

Grounds, M., Harvey, A., Hodgetts, S., Mark, P., McMenamin, P., Ruitenberg, M., Schmitt, L., Sherrard, R., Waddell, B., Beazley, L., Dunlop, S., King, C., Rodger, J., Everett, A., Gaudieri, S., Stumbles, P., Plant, G., Dharmarajan, A., Filgueira, L., Skirving, A., Van Eekelen, A. & Zellweger, R.

NHMRC Equipment Grants


Project: Research

Cockburn Cement Limited Shellsand Dredging EMP Project SI: Ecological Significance of Seagrasses

Walker, D., Kendrick, G., Brearley, A., Annadale, D., Hyndes, G., Lavery, P., Potter, I. & Wells, E.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research