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Educational attainment: A cohort analysis

Miller, P.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research

Effective implementation of payments for environmental services in Lao PDR

Kragt, M., Burton, M., Renton, M., Bennett, J., Douangsavanh, V., Kyophilavong, P., Scheufele, G., Manivong, K. & Sioudom, K.

Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade


Project: Research

Effective teaching: An Evidence-based Approach

Louden, B., House, H., Elderfield, J., Brown, C. & Rohl, M.

WA Department of Education & Training


Project: Research

Effect of faults and barriers on groundwater flow and solute transport

McCallum, J., Prommer, H., Bourke, S., Siade, A., Cook, P., Simmons, C., Dogramaci, S. & Bense, V.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research