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Archaeological Survey Bungaroo Bypass Road

Morse, K., Marwick, B. & Ryan, I.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research

Critical and constructive analysis of the 1995 National Health Survey data on diabetes

Knuiman, M., Dunstan, D., Mccarty, D. & Welborn, T.

Diabetes Australia


Project: Research

Testing gravity with optomechanics

Goryachev, M., Danilishin, S. & Vanner, M.

University of Queensland


Project: Research

Plant Fluxomics Platform to understand the interplay of plant metabolic networks

Small, I., Millar, H., Vacher, M., Castleden, I., Tanz, S., Nielsen, L. & Dal'Molin, C.

University of Western Australia


Project: Research

Genetic basis of complex traits in schizophrenia

Hallmayer, J., Jablensky, A., Michie, P. & Hay, D.

NHMRC Project Grants


Project: Research

Towards the optical time standard

Luiten, A.

ARC Early grants


Project: Research

Culturally appropriate palliative care

Waddell, C., Martin, K., Mc Namara, B. & Yuen, K.

Research and Development Grants Advisory Committee (RADGAC)


Project: Research

Shipwrecks of the Roaring Forties: A Maritime Archaeological Reassessment of Some of Australia's Earliest Shipwrecks

Paterson, A., Franklin, D., Lumley, D., Shragge, J., Bourke, P., Van Duivenvoorde, W., Green, J., Smits, E., Woods, A., Manders, M., Nash, M., Punchard, E., De Groot, M., McKinnon, J. & Hill, J.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

Round 16 - Sampson

Sampson, D.

WA Department of Health


Project: Research