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High frequency searches for cold dark matter axions.

Parker, S. & Rybka, G.

University of Western Australia


Project: Research

Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) Mark II 2015 to 2018

Flatau, P., Wood, L., Martin, K., Zaretzky, K., Theilking, M. & Whittaker, E.

Sacred Heart Mission


Project: Research

Integrated Passive and Active Control of Humming Noise from KCGM's Haul Trucks

Pan, J., Qiu, X., Hansen, C., Hlatky, D. & Fuller, C.

Australian Research Council


Project: Research

A Health Record Linkage Project on Diabetes

Holman, D. & Brameld, K.

Sundry Grants


Project: Research

Severity of illness in general practice as a predictor of prescribing

Fordham, R., Munro, M., Phillips, M. & Pritchard, D.

General Practice Evaluation Project Grants


Project: Research

Immune Response and the Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Baird, A.

Fremantle Hospital


Project: Research

Hydrate Kinetics Modelling in OLGA

Boxall, J., May, E. & Hughes, T.

Chevron Energy Technology Pty Ltd


Project: Research

A theory linking space-time variability of runoff fields in a river basin

Sivapalan, M. & Gupta, V.

ARC Early grants


Project: Research