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Subsea Gas Processing

Randolph, M. & Cassidy, M.

Western Australian Energy Research Alliance


Project: Research

A new projection based approach to chemical valence concepts

Jayatilaka, D., Chandler, G. & Gould, M.

ARC Early grants


Project: Research

NHMRC Equipment Grant: Noraxon 16 Channe Telemetry System

Lloyd, D., Elliott, B., Ackland, T., Mills, P., Doyle, T., Wood, D., Stoffel, K., Prince, R., Stachowiak, G., Kirk, B., Podsiadlo, P. & Nichols, R.

NHMRC Equipment Grants


Project: Research

What makes a resilient rural community?

Tonts, M., Carrington, K. & Davies, A.

AgriFutures Australia


Project: Research

Exploring the early Universe: Galaxy evolution, large-scale structure and local analogues.

Davies, L., Bremer, M., Stanway, E., Husband, K. & Birkinshaw, M.

University of Western Australia


Project: Research

UWA Led WUN - Global Adjustments to China’s Growth Transition

Robertson, P., Chang, S., Tyers, R., Wu, Y., Song, M., Bhorat, H., Lu, D., Yuan, J. & Ruan, J.

Worldwide Universities Network


Project: Research